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Spielberg Speaks, Jaws Blu-ray in the Works With No "Digital Correction"

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Earlier this morning I had a lengthy phone interview with Steven Spielberg and, to be honest, my head is still swimming a little bit. It wasn’t just getting the chance to talk with the man who directed my childhood, essentially, it’s that he agreed to a chat focused specifically on JAWS, which celebrates its 36th anniversary this coming June 20th.

The conversation will be posted in its entirety Monday morning, God willing… all 50-ish minutes of it, but I wanted to pull a piece of news out for you guys.

Yes, a Jaws Blu-Ray is in the works. No date is set, but the process has begun and the real interesting part is what he has to say about his approach to “digital corrections.”

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CobraKai4652d ago

as fake as the shark was at the time, what Spielberg did with what he had was absolutely terrifying.

JL4652d ago

Agreed. It's definitely up there with the best. A true talent instilling real fear. I've said it a million times before, when a movie can terrorize people so much that it makes TONS of people afraid to even step in the water then you know somebody did something very right.

darklordzor4651d ago

Yep, and every time I watch the movie, I can still feel my heart rate increase with the tension of the film. The movie is pure genius.

-Superman-4652d ago

Jaws was not scary...
Jaws = Very great movie
Jaws 2 = Can watch but nothing spacial
Jaws 3 = Shit story, shit ending

Quagmire4652d ago

I take it you havent seen Bigger Jaws?

darklordzor4651d ago

LOL. He's making a joke that was on Family Guy. Peter pitches an idea for a movie called Bigger Jaws, where the shark and humans have to work together to defeat a bigger shark.

darklordzor4651d ago

Yeah, I can pretty much get behind your summation of the Jaws series. That sounds about right.

TheReflectedGod4651d ago

yeah great movie for sure made me put up my guard when i go in the ocean but not really needed for blu if there is no real restoration like apocalypse now

JL4651d ago

This doesn't say there won't be any "restoration". It's definitely going to look better on Blu-ray to some degree. Up until Blu-ray, no other media format has been able to show off the detail that 35mm captures (the way they filmed the movie way back then). So there will still be definite resolution improvements.

What he means here is that there will be no touch-up work to possibly hide flaws. Take for example some old sci-fi movie that used strings to suspend a model UFO for filming (due to the limitations of technology) back then. Nowadays, when putting it on Blu-ray the studio would go in there and edit out those strings. Or some others might use CGI to digitally touch-up other flaws like that in other movies.

This will have none of that type of stuff. That means they're not going to end up using CGI to enhance the shark. This may mean you notice flaws better and it looks more fake, but at the same time you don't have to put up with a CGI shark placed over it.

alycakes4649d ago

I loved the first Jaws. It was the rest of them that weren't very good but the first one was just great. I'll never forget it.


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