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The Primate Perspective Review: Super 8

Primate Perspective writes:
If you mention Spielberg and cinema in the same breath it’s bound to send knowing shivers of joy down your spine. Couple that with the refreshing style of modern master Abrams and you have yourself locked in for a wild ride. That’s exactly the case with Super 8. There are nods to E.T., War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park and Alien so there’s no mistaking Spielberg’s involvement.

Combining all those cinematic stories comes close to the visual spectacle here. The look of the film is 70′s stylised and in keeping with the fascination for the Super 8 technology. The cinematography, whilst intentionally dated is still very much full bodied and is reminiscent of the brilliant series Taken, from Spielberg, starring this film’s leading lady’s sister. There was much desire from fans for more of that series but in a way Abrams has helped Spielberg satisfy those fans through the story of Super 8.

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