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The Primate Perspective Review: Hanna

Primate Perspective writes:
I must admit that I have been looking forward to Hanna ever since I read that director Joe Wright was going to try something a little different. From the start of the movie you are under no illusion that this is not going to be a straightforward experience. Immediately you are stuck by some exquisite cinematography by Alwin H. Kuchler (SUNSHINE) who uses natural landscapes and some magnificent locations to appease our eyes.

Once the action kicks off the influences from LA FEMME NIKITA, LEON and RUN LOLA RUN are very much apparent as Hanna moves from one location to another with ruthless efficiency and panache. While being an ACTION THRILLER I found the movie to approach this genre in a very DRAMATIC way. Hanna herself evolves through movie thanks to her interaction with other characters. It is this development that makes this a step above most films in this genre.

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alycakes4080d ago

I too was amazed at the way this movie was done. It was very original and different from you usual action movie. Hanna was so raw and approached everything with the eyes of a new baby in some ways and like a grown woman in others.

I enjoyed it and saw that it wasn't just another action flick and I loved the ending.

tomred754080d ago

Like you I thought it was very original and very well done. The Chemical Brothers score kept everything moving. Some very memorable characters and scenes also. This with Senna are 2 of my favourites thus year so far.