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The Primate Perspective Review: Attack The Block

Primate Perspective writes:
Ever wonder if there really was a use for hooded youths who spend most of their days generally arsing about and acting the bollocks? Well wonder no more as director Joe Cornish (Of ADAM AND JOE fame) has finally found a useful way for them to help out the community in a movie that is best described as the bastard lovechild of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 and CRITTERS.

As the movie does not have an exasperated running length, it wastes no time in setting the scene and getting the aliens in the frame as soon as possible. You will not be bored with the why’s or the how’s so anyone that likes a back-story to explain all the nitty gritty may be disappointed. The film moves along swiftly with lots of set pieces that have a varying degree of success with one SLO-MO sequence in particular being the ultimate standout.

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