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BPBS | X-Men: First Class Review

BPBS: This ambitious origin story of the Marvel Comics mutants sets the action against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis and achieves an uneasy peace between the serious and the campy.

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artsaber4088d ago

It was a bit better than that eh? Well, I enjoyed it especially the focus on Magneto.

tunaks14088d ago

I dont really have any motivation to see this, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed wolverine and the last stand. Maybe its the dull line up of characters, or the odd marketing- but Ill prob just catch this on DVD instead.

CobraKai4087d ago

Yeah, one of the reasons I wasn't all over this film at first was cuz I didn't know who most of the X-men was. The Singer X-men had all the characters I knew.

alycakes4087d ago

It was good...have an open mind. I really enjoyed it and I wasn't expecting very much either.