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Massive Batch of ‘Green Lantern’ Hi-Res Images

Screen Rant: After Thor and X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern is next on the 2011 superhero movie chopping block. Despite the increasing quality of the trailers, the film still has some hurdles to get over with regard to the CGI, costume, and mask, before fans are completely satisfied. Well, perhaps this will help – today, we have a massive gallery of hi-res images from Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern featuring various images from the trailer as well as a few new ones.

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alycakes4089d ago

The pictures are great and I love the green. I've never really been partial to this bright green but it seems to work. Blake Lively is looking really good in this movie. She seems to be maturing well in film. She needs to do more movies and stay away from tv.

TheReflectedGod4089d ago

i think they look great also but im always worried about movies using too much cgi

Nes_Daze4089d ago

Every time I see this guy all I think about is deadpool. I swear if he ends up in the Flash movie I will be pissed.

CobraKai4087d ago

Every time I see him, all I see is Ryan Reynolds. Never saw Deadpool, and I sure as hell can't see Hal Jordan. He better not be in the Flash. If that happens, might as well have a JLA movie with Ryan Reynolds as every character.

CobraKai4087d ago

Such a great looking movie, from a great director, with great supporting characters, wasted on Ryan Reynolds.