Bruce Almighty, Dumb & Dumber Sequels Planned

Comingsoon: Jim Carrey makes a return to physical comedy with the June 17th release of Mr. Popper's Penguins and was on-hand to speak exclusively with the actor about the adaptation of the classic children's book. We'll have the full video interview soon, but Carrey did also offer some news about two potential upcoming projects that should have his fans excited.

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-MD-4085d ago

I will gladly take a new Dumb & Dumber. I'd watch a new Bruce Almighty too but I can live without it.

All we need now is to get some buzz around a new Ace Ventura... that needs to happen.

Bull5hifT4084d ago

Evan Almighty, Dumb & Dumberer already exist

-MD-4084d ago

Yeah and both star a new cast and both suck.

Megaton4084d ago

I came in here ready to crap all over a new Dumb and Dumber, but if Jim Carrey is on board it has my blessing.

Garethvk4084d ago

I would love to see quality sequels to them. I also would not mind another Ace but it would have to be better than the last sequel.

alycakes4084d ago

I don't think I would care for either one of those actually. Dumb and Dumber was funny but I don't think I would go see another one.

tomred754084d ago

These were both one trick ponys. They already made terrible sequels to both. Are there no original ideas left out there?

WhiteLightning4084d ago

Please Jim Carrey make a third and TRUE sequel to Ace Ventura When Nature Calls....

Redeem the franchise :)

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