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Guerrilla Geek Review | X-Men: First Class

Guerrilla Geek writes:
I was very hesitant about X-Men: First Class. I had been burned by X-Men movies before and I’m not one to quickly forgive and forget. Luckily X-Men Origins: Wolverine won enough goodwill that I went into First Class with an open mind. Sure I had seen some really bad leaked photos and it seemed they we going to be taking a lot of liberties with the story, but surely it couldn’t be worse than X-Men: The Last Stand. Boy I couldn’t be more right. X-Men: First Class isn’t a good “Comic Book” movie, it’s actually just a good movie. No need to add any modifiers to soften the blow when you say things like “Sure it was lacking in plot but…” or “Yeah, but the special effects were wicked!” No, this movie needn’t be defended for it can stand on its own merits.

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