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Terminator Reboot Would Take It’s Cue From J.J Abrams’ Star Trek

Whats Playing: From the sounds of things, the big guy does have a fairly substantial role in the new story - which is said to involve that original timeline being torn, again - but this Terminator would mostly be anchored by a new, younger male lead

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darklordzor4087d ago

Fairly easy to see how that would work, being that time travel is such a large part of the franchise. However, I'm not sure I really want them to do that. Honestly, I want to keep seeing what's happening in the war in the future. I want to know if they win and how they do it.

alycakes4086d ago

Me too and I wish they would go ahead and just carry on without him. Just let him take care of his personal stuff and if he has time to do a cameo or something fine but I really don't think that the Terminator franchise especially the future ones need to see that particular one in them.

TheReflectedGod4086d ago

it would be cool to see it actually finish ha ha like see who wins the war and see if humans can rebuild what they lost

TheCritic284086d ago

Terminator and every other reboot in development. Star Trek did an excellent job, and its a movie all reboots should aspire to.