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‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1′ Teaser Clip Features Vampire Wedding

Screen Rant: It’s going to be a bittersweet year and a half for fans – kicking-off with a short teaser clip, and formal inviation, to the wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

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alycakes4086d ago

They're suppose to show a lot more on the MTV Awards Sunday night. This is the teaser they've been showing on tv all week.

I'm sure all the Twilight kids are going crazy about it.

TheReflectedGod4086d ago

i love how these "harry potter" movies follow each other in splitting a book into two movies ha ha and hunger games will do the same and they will probably screw up that movie too

Nes_Daze4086d ago

I can't wait for hunger games, even though as you said, they'll probably screw it up.

-Superman-4085d ago

I kinda like Twilight
Dont know why so many hats this?

Harry Potter and Twilight are 100% different movies

TheReflectedGod4085d ago

yeah but totally inferior to their book counterparts they targeted teen girls and guys like me dont want to stare at a guys 6-pack and listen to melodrama ha ha now lotr with peter jackson got it right ha ha cant wait for the hobbit too bad its two movies the wait is gunna suck!!!

alycakes4084d ago

Twilight finally picked up it's pace on the 3rd one but it was very boring until then. As long as it has a good story and some good action scenes I'll go see it.