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Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance to Hit SDCC '11

An 'evolved' Johnny Blaze will be riding into San Diego this summer.

Spirit of Vengeance will be at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

The film's directors -- Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor -- said on their joint Twitter account that they "can't wait to reveal the evolved GR...... comicon seems like a year away".

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Garethvk4089d ago

I will be there. I hope it is much better than the last one.

-Superman-4088d ago

I hope Ghost Rider 2 is not same boring like first movie

alycakes4089d ago

I think it will be. I've always liked the character and I liked the first one but I know it could have been better. I know it got a lot of bad press but it did really well anyway.

I just know doing it the darker side of Ghost Rider is going to be more fun.

TheReflectedGod4088d ago

lol i love the ghost rider character and i dont mind nick cage cuz he is enjoyable on screen but man get the villains right i hate that they wouldnt show their true demon form and it was just an emo guy being blackheart!!!!

Nes_Daze4088d ago

I didn't think the first one was that great, it was decent at best.

alycakes4085d ago

I'm still looking forward to it. Out of all the comic book heros he is still kinda the coolest in one way. He is really fighting the Devil himself because he was suppose to be working for the Devil....I mean what bigger enemy can you have than that?