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Entertainment Focus - Review: 127 Hours

Aron Ralston (James Franco – Pineapple Express) is a mountain climber on a routine trek across canyons in Moab, Utah. Whilst navigating a crevice, he loses his balance and falls down against a boulder which is nestling between the walls of the canyon. The shifting boulder crushes his hand and wedges Aron against the cave wall and leaves him trapped, isolated from help and with no one knowing his location. Aron takes stock of his life as he comes to terms with his predicament and the realisation that drastic measures will need to be taken if he is to survive this situation.

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TheReflectedGod4380d ago

a little late to watch one of the best movies last year ha ha

-Superman-4378d ago

Ye, i liked this movie also.
James Franco was great !

Nes_Daze4380d ago

a bit too harsh, I think this film deserves more than just 3/5.

Sahil4380d ago

fantastic movie, loved every bit

artsaber4379d ago

You almost forget that Franco is an actor at all in this film. I found it to be an amazing watching experience. The fact that you know the outcome does not affect the deeply entrenched quality of acting, human reflection, and heart felt dedication that Franco delivered in this film. Anything less than 4/5 is blasphemy. Franco deserves an award for this project.

alycakes4377d ago

I wanted to watch it. I know it's a great movie and I love movies based on true them all the time but I'm going to be honest here. I am not a squeamish person when I'm watching fiction bloody horror or shoot em up films but I don't know that I can take watching the part where he has to cut his arm off. I heard it was very it? Do they really show it look really real?