Entertainment Focus - Review: The Mechanic

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham – The Expendables) is a highly trained assassin given a job to take out his former mentor Harry (Donald Sutherland – Dirty Sexy Money) when evidence suggests he has turned against his country. With guilt playing on his mind, Arthur reluctantly helps train Harry’s only son Steve (Ben Foster – 3:10 To Yuma) in the ways of contract killing. The two form an uneasy bond but the organisation doesn’t like Bishop working with an apprentice whilst Steve is determined to learn the truth about his father’s death. Soon both problems will meet with explosive outcomes.

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alycakes4092d ago

I enjoyed watching it and I guess because I wanted to see the camparison to the first one made with Charles Bronson in it. I thought it was good but not a movie of the year. It still is going into my collection and I'll be watching it again someday just because I did like it.

Nes_Daze4092d ago

I think the ending was hilarious and awesome, one of my favorite films of the year.

alycakes4090d ago

That was my favorite part. The old version, he dies. For someone that smart that does that kind of work, should have seen it coming so it should have ended the way this new one ended....big improvement.