X-Men:First Class Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed look at X-Men: First Class and found it to be a mixed bag. While they liked the characters they cited a lack of top notch action as the low point for the film.

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Garethvk4093d ago

When able I have a question about a plot hole I wanted to discuss with someone but do not want to spol it.

artsaber4093d ago

Let's hope that I can fill the gaps with the history I gathered from reading the 1st series of comics up until more modern ones.

Garethvk4091d ago

I got an answer on IMDB it was due to this film being seen as a reboot so they could take some creative license. My wife noted that in The Last Stand they showed a bald charles walking in to meet Jean and her parents and this would conflict with what the new film set as a fuly haired but younger Charles in the chair.