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The Amazing Spider-Man Heads to Comic-Con and One Lucky Fan Gets to Join

Sony Pictures have announced that, in anticipation of the 2012 release of The Amazing Spider-Man, the cast and crew of the movie will be heading to Comic-Con San Diego this year. This will be the first official preview of the movie as cast and filmmakers behind the reboot will discuss the movie for the first time. Luckily enough, I’ll be heading out there this July to attend the conference myself, so hopefully I’ll be able to get around to checking out this particular event.

Not set on simply addressing fans, the studios behind the movie are looking to make one fan’s day. Sony are running a contest to find the ultimate fan for their The Amazing Spider-Man Face of the Fan promotion. One lucky winner will get a paid trip to Comic-Con to attend the event. Furthermore, as a representative to all Spider-Man fans, the Face of the Fan winner will get a chance to meet the cast and crew behind the movies as well as sit down and interview them on behalf of fans around the world.

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alycakes4742d ago

That would be so perfect for my nephew or even for my brother in law (his dad). They are both Spiderman fanatics like you wouldn't believe.

We've been to Comic Con in San Diego with them twice and they go for Stan Lee and Spiderman autographed stuff. After that they are Star Trek and Star War fans but not as much.

darklordzor4742d ago

Wow, that'd be such a cool prize to win. I love comic-con but getting to do some of the behind the scenes stuff would be really neat.

alycakes4741d ago

It would be for just about anybody. There are those choice few people that don't appreciate what we see in things like that but I just don't know where there heads are.


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