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Efilmcritic: Super 8 Review

Efilmcritic: There are seminal periods in our lives that form who we are and what paths we are destined to take. For myself, it was a period from about the age of 5-10 when the moving pictures I was seeing on the big screen and small influenced me to pursue a livelihood of some facet in the creative arts. For someone like Terrence Malick, it may have been the strict guidance of a Texas father and losing his brother at a young age that gave him forty-some years to ruminate on The Tree of Life. Then somewhere in-between were J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, the creators of Cloverfield, who were hired to dust off and clean up Steven Spielberg's old home movies before embarking on their own filmmaking careers. So it seemed only natural that Abrams would then pitch an idea to Spielberg about kids, a monster movie and a real-life monster; the result of which should take more than a few movielovers of my generation back to their roots.

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