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Paramount Acquires DC Comics "The Mighty"

Deadline writes:

UPDATE: I received a more detailed logline, which is below original story break.

I'm told that Paramount Pictures has acquired The Mighty, a graphic novel published by DC Comics. Mary Parent's Paramount-based Disruption Entertainment will produce. Parent and Cale Boyter will produce with Benderspink's JC Spink. While DC product usually goes through Warner Bros, this one had rights that were controlled by the creators, Keith Champagne and Peter Tomasi. The artist is Peter Snejberg. In The Mighty, they've come up with a nifty take on the superhero genre. The protagonist is mortal, a tough cop. He hunts a villain who is the superhero and must overcome the obvious disadvantages of going up against someone with superpowers. It's too early to get confirmation from the studio, but I'll add more when I have it.

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