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‘South Park’ Review: City Sushi - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: As each passing week comes, I find myself more and more drifting away from ‘South Park‘. A series that once led me away from The Simpsons is now in itself beginning to suffer the same fate. This week’s episode, titled “City Sushi” once again shares a decent message, though not as strong as “Crack Baby Athletic Association,” but continues to lack what it needs most – entertainment value.

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Nes_Daze4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

lol I loved this episode.

"I find myself more and more drifting away from ‘South Park‘", I think there is too much nitpicking going on.

Megaton4084d ago

Totally agree. Thought this one was really funny.

Armadilo4084d ago

Its either you love South Park or you hate it