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Sam Raimi, Shawn Levy And Others Being Considered For Pirates 5 Directing Job

CinemaBlend says:

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides may have been savaged by critics, but it continues to make millions at the box office both in the United States and around the world. The fourth franchise entry may end up making even more money than the third movie, and of course it’s no secret that Disney wants more of them. The problem remains Johnny Depp who, somewhere deep inside him, must still have some of that artist who refused to settle for sell-out projects. You know, that guy he was back before Captain Jack.

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Nes_Daze4088d ago

More Pirates? Ugh, they should take quite a break, I don't care much for the new one as it is.

JL4088d ago

If Depp has his way, they will take a break. I think when talks first started about a Part 5 and 6, he kinda gave the impression that he'd be up for it, but he adamantly stated that they really need to hold off on it.

Given that, I'm not really sure they'd pursue a Pirates movie without him. Especially given that he says he'll do it, just after they take some time off. Hell, a Pirates movie wouldn't be the same at all without Depp.

Nes_Daze4087d ago

Well, it's probable they will listen to Depp, and hopefully the next movie will bring back some of the original cast.

JL4087d ago

Yea, I'd say he has some pull as far as the franchise is concerned. I'm not all that concerned about any of the original cast returning, though. As long as Depp/Sparrow is back, that's all that matters to me. I was perfectly fine with the new one that was absent Knightly and Bloom.

Defbug4087d ago

I agree, although I did enjoy the new one as an entertaining but shallow summer flick they should definitely take a break

JL4087d ago

I've enjoyed them all. I think the first was the better one, but all of the others have been enjoyable. I think the reason some of the others pale a slight bit in comparison of the first is just because the novelty wore off. Still fun action-adventure flicks though.

alycakes4086d ago

I enjoyed all of them too and I know Johnny Depp will be back for number 5. He stated he'd be happy to do a 5th one...just not now. Think about it....he's got Dark Shadows, The Thin Man, The Lone Ranger, The Rum Diaries and some Documentary he has just done or is doing.

You know if he waits long enough....Will Turner's son will be old enough to be the next person he has to deal with....wouldn't that be something?

Quagmire4086d ago

Hmm, Pirates 5 and 6 directed by Alfonso Cuaron could take an interesting, more serious and darker tone, synonymous with the Davy Jones saga.

I wouldnt mind if they did that, it would definitely feel more epic, the characters will definitley not be as two-dimensional,and the action sequences could be enticing, as well as garnering better than average scores among critics if the story holds up. Of course have the humour and campiness, but make it slightly more serious.

If not him, then I would go for Sam Raimi, his SpiderMan series was great, the third was good, but the fans and studio ruined it by including the Venom arc, eating away at much needed time and development of story and character.

I really dont want Tim Burton to touch this, hes made some decent flicks, and despite Depp being Burton's muse, I am not very fond of later works, and he might end up destroying this franchise.

Pay up Disney, get Cuaron, then if not, get Raimi.