Two Dark Knight Rises Viral Videos (Spoilers)

411 Mania Says:

These two videos have shown up on YouTube as uploaded by The Fire Rises which was the name of the Twitter account that revealed the image of Bane a couple of weeks ago. In addition, news has been reported of the film shooting at a location that is doubling as a Gotham hospital, where Alfred is admitted.

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darklordzor4094d ago

Very interesting. I really like the idea of the Arkham breakout, but I hope it happens earlier in the film. I mean, it already happened in the first film (and maybe that's what they're referencing).

I do wonder what it all leads to though. These viral things all lead to another step, so I wonder what is next. I simply can't devote all the time needed to crack these things but they are cool!

JL4094d ago

I don't even know why, but this gets me excited. I mean there's nothing even really worthwhile here, but still gets me all hyped up about the movie.

darklordzor4094d ago

Same here. It shouldn't be as exciting, but it really is. Mostly, I think, because it means things are really moving forward, and our time of waiting is nearly over.

Crazyglues4094d ago

Well I'm just hoping the movie will be amazing, I mean The Dark Knight was so Awesome it's going to be hard as hell to do it again..

Make a movie with that tone and feeling, all I'm saying is I hope it's amazing, but what are the chances... When was the last time a part 2 was better or just as good as part 1..

If this movie is good it could just set records across the world, everyone is waiting for this movie, everyone, and I must admit I'm so excited for this one I'm ready to buy the blu-ray, and get the movie poster, I would buy it right now if they would start taking pre-orders... LoL

Can't wait to see it in the theater... This Movie is going to be Epic

JL4094d ago

When was the last time Part 2 was better or just as good as Part 1?

Answer: The Dark Knight

You realize The Dark Knight was the second movie in the trilogy right? So, Nolan has already provided a sequel that outdid the first in the series. And he was pretty adamant about not returning for Part 3 unless he could top what he had already done. So, I have faith this one will be just as good.

Crazyglues4093d ago

@ _JL_

You know that's a very good point, I always look as the Dark Knight as the first movie, when in-fact you are indeed right it is the second..

I guess the movie was just so good, it just stands in my eyes as not only the single greatest batman movie but just an epic film one of the best (Surely in anyone's top 10 greatest movies of all time)

So yeah, bring on part 3, I think you just might be right- he probably is about to do it again, and I'm more pumped then ever now..

If he can top The Dark Knight, then OMG!... OMG.. -Seriously we are about to be in heaven then.. Summer of 2012 is going to be Epic

darklordzor4094d ago

Yeah they had quite a few, so I don't know why this article only showed 2.

JL4094d ago

Cool. Didn't realize there were more. I'll have to check those out after I've made my rounds here.

On a side note, I see someone is showing their excitement with the change of the avatar.

LtSkittles4093d ago

Oh yes, I'm very excited :D

darklordzor4094d ago

A lot of sites are trying to say it's fan made now, which it very well could be, but my instincts are telling me they aren't.

WB is obviously using TheFireRises as part of it's viral campaign, so wouldn't they have reserved all those screen-names on everything? I doubt they'd let someone else take it from them, if they'd been planning this out.

LtSkittles4094d ago

And Plus Anthony Michael Hall is in the second one, so that theory makes no sense.

alycakes4094d ago

Let's see who finds the next goody from the filming that's going on. Like I said....somebody needs to be a better spy and do some covert operations on them.

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