( 10 Years Later, A Look Back at Moulin Rouge

Arcee:Ten years ago today, Moulin Rouge! was released in theaters (well, technically it was released in limited theaters on May 18th but was released in full on June 1st) and from the first time I saw it on the big screen it caught my eye like very few musicals have. It had beautiful visuals, enchanting musical numbers, amazing actors and actresses and a story that is as classic as any I have ever seen. Moulin Rouge! seemed to just jump out at the audience and demand that they pay attention to what was going on up on that screen. And I was certainly not the only one who was captivated by this movie as it would later go on to be the first musical film nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award since All That Jazz back in 1979 – 22 years earlier.

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alycakes3603d ago

I guess not many people will have much to say about Moulin Rouge but me...I'm a little like you. I don't care for all musicals but I have enjoyed some. This one and Phantom of the Opera are my two favorite. I actually watch them at least once a year.

What captured me on Moulin Rouge wasn't just the music but the first time I heard Ewan McGregor belt out that first song...I couldn't believe the rang he had. It was just so beautiful and his tone was so strong and smooth. I just fell in love with his voice right then and there. Then at the end when they sing Come What May together it just gets to me every time.

I do love all the music but I also have my favorite moments and another one is the one with the Roxanne song and dance in it. That one also gets to me where she has to go to the Duke's room.

The story itself is a love story like no other and I'm not a person that like mushy love stories and I don't like tear jerkers but this is different.

Arcee3603d ago

Just real quick: Phantom was a great movie, I totally agree with you there.

When McGregor belts out that first note, it threw me for a loop. I did not expect that voice from him. Likewise, Kidman shocked me as well. And that Roxanne tango was just perfect. The mood and tone it set for the rest of the film. Loved it.

I was so glad that I decided to watch it. I honestly was going to pass on it, but I saw it by chance because they were having a free screening of it the night before it opened for theater employees. Now, i can't imagine not seeing that movie. It was absolutely beautiful.

alycakes3602d ago

I couldn't believe either one could sing like that. They both threw me for a loop....but for me Ewan was the one with the stongest and most talented voice.

My husband has gone to see a few with me just to humor me and has come out loving them. We also saw Chicago and he enjoyed that one also. It was a great one but still doesn't compare to this.

Arcee3602d ago

True. I had a feeling Kidman could sing, and boy she could, but McGregor... wow, I was like "Go Obi-wan!"

I am glad that my wife like musicals. It is something that we don't have to discuss watching.