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NBC's 'The Event' May Continue As Miniseries On Syfy

Deadline: Minutes after NBC canceled freshman The Event on the unlucky Friday, May 13, the show's creator Nick Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark told fans that there was a possibility for the sci-fi drama to continue elsewhere. That possibility is now taking shape. I hear there are talks with Syfy to pick up The Event as a miniseries.

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Parapraxis4090d ago

Right, pick up a crap show like this but let SGU & Outcasts among others go (Outcasts was just getting good, SyFy shoulda been all over that). Congrats Sy-Fy, you suck.

alycakes4088d ago

I agree....they need to just let that show rest in peace. SyFy does have a new show starting that I think I do want to see called Alphas but they need to stay away from The Event.