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Alfred’s Fate Hinted in The Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight Rises is filming internationally, and right now director Christopher Nolan is in the UK shooting sequences. And while he and the studio are doing their best to avoid spoiler leakage, it’s a behemoth task that would challenge Batman himself.

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alycakes4092d ago

Well, when I saw this I found it interesting...I'm hoping that maybe he's just hurt or something because Batman and Bruce Wayne can't do without Alfred. It would not be right to take him out of the picture....I really do love his part in the movie.

Soldierone4091d ago

Yeah I doubt he dies. If anything he will just be left alone and not officially announced as anything. Giving him the possibility to come back, or stay away if not.

The cartoons and comics usually have work arounds without him. However they take place in more futuristic settings for Batman.

alycakes4091d ago

I hope can't have Bruce Wayne without Alfred....right?

darklordzor4091d ago

I'm suddenly having Batman and robin flashbacks to when in that movie Alfred came down with that terminal disease that only Mr. Freeze had the cure to. Let's hope they don't go that route...

alycakes4090d ago

I don't remember that one...I may have to watch that again. Didn't Arnold S. play Mr. Freeze? in that version?