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Scoop: Walking Dead's Fresh Meat Revealed

TV Line: Remember how Walking Dead exec producer Robert Kirkman previously told TVLine that the show’s survivors would meet a bunch of new characters when they stumble upon Hershel’s Farm in season 2? Well, now we’ve found out who at least a few of them will be!

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-MD-4089d ago

I'm with the guy in the comment section. Bring on this infamous prison that I've heard so much about.

alycakes4089d ago

Yes I've heard too. I'm looking to see what they bring to us next. I also heard that there had been budget cuts so how are they dealing with that? They said that they might have to cut some people out of the next season and here they are talking about adding some....they need to make up their minds. Can't wait for the next season though.

-MD-4089d ago

The reported budget cuts worry me but I doubt they'll be cut to the point of the show quality noticeably declining.

At least I hope not... you'd think with a hit as big as this show they'd throw MORE money at it.

artsaber4089d ago

I bought the 1st season, watched it all the way through in a few sittings. Wasn't this show made from a comic book story?

Soldierone4089d ago

Yeah If im not mistaken its the comic book series by the same name.

-MD-4089d ago

Yep based on the comics. The guy that made the comics works on the show too.

alycakes4089d ago

Yes it's a comic nephew is really into the comic book. He enjoyed the show somewhat but he compares it to the comic book too much and sometimes forgets that it can't be exactly like the comic book.

artsaber4089d ago

I saw a really thick comic book on this in Barnes & Nobles, and I almost bought it. I believe it was the entire collection packed into one book. I may just go back and get it to read and compare to the movie series.

OSIRUSSS4089d ago

Save your money. I own the comics and the show is much better. Its one of the rare times that is true.IMO.

JL4088d ago

I really like the show and can't wait to see what they have in store for us for the second season.

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