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Everything We Know About The Dark Knight Rises

The wait is long and painful for Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie. Luckily, we know a lot more now than we did a few weeks ago. WB recently confirmed that Batman will be joined by Catwoman and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

There's still plenty that needs to be revealed between now and July 2012, but we at least have enough information to start piecing together the plot of the new sequel. This feature breaks down exactly what we know about the characters and story of The Dark Knight Rises. It also dissects the many rumors surrounding the project and suggests a few wish list items for good measure. There may be plenty of comic book movies in the pipeline this year, but it's safe to say The Dark Knight Rises will still be at the forefront of many geeks' thoughts.

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alycakes4088d ago

I didn't know Tom Hardy was Bane. I loved this man in Inception and didn't know who he was....I've been looking for him ever since now he's got this big role.

This tells us a lot of whats going on in Nolan's mind and what he's done so far but there's still a lot of secrets behind this movie so it's always fun to try and find out something new.

TheReflectedGod4086d ago

i still would like to see black mask or hugo strange but as a kid ive always wanted to see clayface ha ha but i know nolan wouldnt go cgi ha ha

alycakes4083d ago

Well, I don't know they get into everything these days. Whatever it takes to make the movie greater than the last one.