Geek Actually Review: X-Men First Class

David McVay writes:
The thought of a new X-Men movie filled me with mixed emotions. Would it be like the first two films or would it be just another “X-Men Origins” quality film? Things perked up when I found out that Bryan Singer, director of the first two films, was back on board as producer. Singer then brought Matthew Vaughn on to direct the film. Vaughn had just had great critical success with the comic book adaptation of “Kick-Ass” so he seemed like the perfect fit. One of the great strengths of “Kick-Ass” was the script, so Vaughn brought on it’s writer, Jane Goldman, to polish up the “X-Men First Class” script.

So, what is the final product like? I’m glad to report that “X-Men First Class” is a solid film. It won’t change your world but it will entertain.

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