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Craig Mazin Back Onboard to Write 'Hangover 3'

The Wrap says:

It really shouldn't be a surprise, but Craig Mazin is on board to write the third "Hangover" movie.

Mazin and Scot Armstrong wrote "The Hangover Part II," the Warner Bros. comedy that grossed more than $205 million worldwide in its first five days. It's the best comedy premiere ever and Warner Bros. would love to replicate its success.

artsaber4652d ago

Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then. By the time #3 comes out, I'm sure I'll need one.

lukasz4652d ago

i saw 1 will see 2 and hope to see 3

Soldierone4652d ago

Dangit...there go the hopes of Hangover 3 actually being good. I don't know why people don't see how horribly written this movie was. All you need to do is listen to the conversations at the end of the see how forced each joke was.

The first one was way more easy going and mixed things into each other. It flowed so much easier. The writers were WAY better at making them discover what happened etc...

This just goes to show...hangover 3 will be nothing more than another remake attempt.

artsaber4652d ago

But I didn't personally watch Hangover2 looking for deep Zen and meaningful conversation, I just wanted to be entertained with a few laughs. I knew the movie wouldn't please everyone, but a few lighthearted laughs never hurt anyone. The Last Airbender actually hurt people.

Also, Thank God nobody's breaking down rap lyrics nowadays, it is obvious that they can be written by a 5th grader.

Soldierone4652d ago

I wasn't either, but the thing is it takes a good writer to make a good comedy. They were seriously just outright jokes in the movie and people laughed. Sometimes the actors didn't even look comfortable saying a line because it made absolutely no sense to randomly say it.

Its kinda funny you bring up rap, cus honestly the dialogue in the movie could be compared to Rebecca Blacks Friday....

I honestly think they just tried way too hard to make it similar to the first one. If they go and try to make the Hangover without trying to recreate that feeling it would be good.

artsaber4652d ago

LMAO about Rebecca Black. I hope they make the next film better, even though I was fine with it. I agree that it tried hard to be the 1st one. It should've been a bit more loose in that regard and done its own thing.


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