Patrick Dempsey Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Next Season

The Voice Of TV: File this under ‘not so surprising but still a bit saddening’ news: Patrick Dempsey is checking out of ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ after the forthcoming eighth season. One of the shows last standing originals, Dempsey may have found his closure with working on the popular medical drama on ABC. The decision seems to be more of a career choice rather than financial; there comes a time when an actor no longer wants to continue. Steve Carell leaving The Office was this past season’s big departure (that was planned); will Dempsey’s be the one headlining next year?

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alycakes4380d ago

I was never a Grey's Anatomy fan anyway so that doesn't make any difference to me. He's an okay actor in the movies he's made. That's probably what he's getting ready to do.

lukasz4380d ago

only saw one episode of that show and i didint like it at all