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'Fright Night' Exclusive Clip: Colin Farrell Gives Anton Yelchin A Violent Warning

MTV News says:

Forget the dreamy vampires with their sparkly skin and their blood-free teeth — the real fanged menace is coming your way in August, though if you're sticking with MTV News throughout our Sneak Peek Week leading up to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, you'll get a taste of what's to come a few weeks early.

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alycakes4086d ago

I'm really wanting to see this movie...It looks good. It's on the line of Disturbia but creepier and scarier...really, really scary but fun to watch. I would have never been able to see Colin Farrell as this type of a character but he seems to be pulling it off.

Crazay4086d ago

You really need to see the original Aly - You'll see exactly where Disturbia very heavily drew its inspiration from.

alycakes4086d ago

I will get to it before this comes out...I guess i need to look for it on Amazon.

ABizzel14086d ago

The first ones not like distrubia, it was more funny than it was scary to me, and I was a little boy back then. The original is borderline horror/ borderline feel good, but it's a great movie to watch.

Crazay4086d ago

I fyou liked Disturbia - then you'll like the original movie.

alycakes4086d ago

I loved Disturbia and anything that has that type of plot with suspense. The original Fright Night...what year was it made....I have found a couple of versions of it.

Crazay4086d ago

1985 with William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Amanda "don't Call Me chicken Legs" Bearse(She was Marcy darcy in Married with Children) and Roddy McDowell.

zgoldenlionz4085d ago

you can watch Fright Night streaming on netflix if you got that.

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Sahil4086d ago

niceeee.. colin farell back!

Crazay4086d ago

What I saw from this kinda bugged me. Dandridge was looking around far too much as if he was worried someone was going to overhear them talking or something. In the original Jerry wouldn;t care because he was confident enough in himself and his senses to know he has nothing to worry about.

Armadilo4086d ago

Why make another Disturbia movie but instead of a murder its a vampire, why!!!!!!

artsaber4085d ago

They find a way to keep some of the humor in the film. I must've watched the original Fright Night 20 times or so.

It is funny how you could do that with a lot of the older films. The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner was another movie I watched repeatedly like that.