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Hangover Sequel Gets Last Laugh at Record-Breaking Weekend Box Office

MovieStinger: "Reception to The Hangover: Part II may have been split, but The Wolfpack had the last laugh as the Hangover sequel broke box office records in its debut."

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34086d ago

Coming soon to a theater near you: The Hangover 3-D.

Soldierone4085d ago

And next year....The Hangover 3! Exact same story, based in New York!

The movie industry has found its Call of Duty...

artsaber4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

I also expected it to be very similar to the 1st film. But hey, I needed a guaranteed laugh, so I went to see it. People should accept movies like this for what they are supposed to be, good easy-going humor. Don't read too much into it, or expect the formula to change too much because that is what makes the movie "Hangover".

I'd follow these guys mad adventure through a 3rd film. I think they are funny enough.

lukasz4085d ago

first one was the funniest movie i have ever seen in my live cant wait for 3

alycakes4085d ago

Haven't seen it yet but I've heard both ways from family and friends. Most have liked it and a couple of people have not. I'll probably wait and go see it later on.

Soldierone4085d ago

I didn't find it funny though, and nobody I was with found it funny. Ill admit I was laughing early on, and Zach made me laugh a few times, but once they flew into the other country the writing became horrible. It was jumping everywhere and trying way too hard to mimmick the first film.

I think if they were not trying so hard to remake the first film it would of been funnier...well that and take out all the penis jokes...