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‘Breakout Kings’ Review: Where In The World Is Carmen Vega (Season Finale) - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: This is the end of the line for ‘Breakout Kings‘ – the first season that is. A&E remains mum about the future of the show but the decision should be coming soon with the show finishing up its freshman year. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before in the reviews of the past twelve episodes, the series had its ups and downs, but for the most part it displayed a working formula. ”Where In The World Is Carmen Vega” may have not been a season finale that left us hanging for answers in season two, but it did its fair share to keep hope alive for fans that the series continues.

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alycakes4085d ago

This was a great season finale. This Carmen Vega that escaped was a mean bitch (pardon my french but she was). For a woman to have one of her own sons killed just so she can plan her escape by going to his funeral....that is the lowest of low.

This really hit the team hard with the escaped Carmen Vega taking Shea's girlfriend and threatening to kill her if he helped the Marshalls. She knew too much about all of the con's families and was willing to do anything to anyone to get what she wanted.

With this team...I'm gald to say she didn't get her way. I'm hoping they bring the show back for a second season but they left it open so they can but if they don't we weren't left with a ended on a good note for everyone.