This Week on Netflix Instant: May 30 - June 5

Well this week includes the first of the month which means a huge update from Netflix. The first of the month is when they always dump a huge load of movie goodness into the Instant Streaming service for us to enjoy. Last month, the huge update was supposed to include a big influx of Miramax films. However, that didn’t pan out as negotiations weren’t finalized. This month, however, negotiations are done and Netflix is hooking us up.

Releases this week include Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Clerks, Chasing Amy, The Silence of the Lambs, Scream and many many others.

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mindedone4096d ago

What I'm really looking for is a sci fi dump.

JL4096d ago

You'll never find them just focus a dump on a specific genre. Rather, each update has a variety of things. You'll just find sci-fi movies scattered throughout.

For instance, this one here has such movies as The Fly, Titan AE, Mimic, Final Encounter, Impostor, even The One has sci-fi elements (though it focuses more on the action element).

In the next couple of months they'll also end up parts of the Star Trek series, as well as a few of the Star Trek movies. Videodrome, Spaceballs, Doctor Who and the Daleks, Pitch Black, 1984 and a few others I'm sure.

mindedone4095d ago

Of course they won't focus on a specific genre. Unless they are purposely focusing on hitting EVERY genre every dump, however, statistics shows that there may be months heavy on science fiction.

I want to see movies that take on classical sci fi themes, instead of action films in space, or space operas, etc.

LobbycastGeoff4096d ago

I love this feature from your site, JL! I posted it on my Facebook again.

JL4096d ago

Thanks, glad you like it. I really get a lot of use out of Netflix Instant so I always like to keep up with what's coming up. Figured I'd share it, too, for those that like the service and use it regularly as well.

alycakes4095d ago

I'm torn between getting Netflix or adding Staz to my Cable so I can watch the new Torchwood. I love Captain Jack Harkness and I just don't know what to do...maybe I can do both...

JL4095d ago

Well, if you get Netflix, they have seasons of Torchwood available for streaming on there ;)

alycakes4094d ago

I didn't know that...I thought all they had was movies.

JL4094d ago

Oh no. Definitely not just movies. They have tons of TV shows on there as well.

alycakes4094d ago

Then I've made my decision...thanks.