Two New Trailers For The Muppets Hit, And They're Very Clever Marketing

Turbo-Exp Says:
After the tragic loss of Jim Henson, the Muppets haven't exactly been the significant blueprint on popular culture that they once were. Well now Jason Segel is trying to make us think other wise, with his all new big screen adaption of the Muppets, and two all new trailers for the movie have hit, and they'll definitely catch you by surprise.

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Armadilo4095d ago

Wow that trailer made me feel awkward and I never knew that the muppets were with Disney that's another Wow

nomats4093d ago

Good to here this post taught you something.

jacksonmichael4094d ago

My anticipation level is pretty high... Hope this isn't like Phantom Menace.

alycakes4094d ago

No but it looks really cute...doesn't it?

artsaber4094d ago

In the form of The Muppet? Who would've known? Not a big fan of them personally, but I still like seeing them around. Nostalgia.