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“Dark Knight Rises” Villain Revealed?

Showbiz 411 says:

The great news from the London set of “The Dark Knight Rises” is that Matthew Modine is about to start filming key scenes in the new Batman movie. I’m told that Modine –whose character’s name has been reported as Nixon– is playing an appropriate character for his name. “He’s a politician and a key villain,” says a source. This does sound like director Chris Nolan is creating an homage to another Nixon we knew long ago. At least Modine is getting to shoot his scenes in a safe studio in London. When I ran into producer Charles Roven in Cannes a couple of weeks ago he was regaling pals about the “Dark Knight Rises” shoot in Jodhpur, India. The film is using the ancient Mehrangarh Fort as a key setting for what will likely be one of the biggest movies of all time.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34660d ago

OMG, Mathew Modine's character has been revealed! And he's playing a crooked politician! And I'm sure he'll have a major role in the film, just like Tom Berenger, Eric Roberts and Anthony Michael Hall did in Nolan's previous films.

darklordzor4660d ago

Yep. I think too many people are making a big deal out of this. I mean, there are so many side-characters in the Nolan Batman films. For the most part Gotham is portrayed as a corrupt city in need of Batman's services. So a lot of the people in the city are corrupt and could be 'villains'.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34660d ago

Nolan has a history of casting these sort of 'over the hill actors' to play small roles in his films (Michael J. White also comes to mind). Whatever Modine's character is in TDKR, I'm sure he will only be playing a minor role.

Quagmire4660d ago

A superhero battling a crooked politician?

Is anyone else as confused by this as I am?

Sahil4660d ago

sounds sooooooo funny :)

Sahil4660d ago

Ohhhhh...thanks, I'm 81 now :)

No_Pantaloons4660d ago

yea that title is completely misleading. Yea he might be a villain, but he isn't THE VILLAIN. I was expecting to hear riddler or bane, but instead hes some crooked politician who will have all of 11 mins screen time in the almost 3 hour epic.

stuntman_mike4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

i would love to see killer croc in it, like the version in arkham asylum. Apart from that I would love to see someone else play batman Christian Bales voice in it is atrocious.

b163o14660d ago

I'm not wearing HOCKEY MASK!

JBaby3434660d ago

Hockey Pants. I didn't care for his voice either.

darklordzor4660d ago

It's possible that he has something to do with the League of Shadows. Maybe he's helping to bring the city down from a political standpoint, and in that way he's a "villain". He's not going to be a very major character. He may have an important role, but that doesn't mean he'll be on screen for very long.

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