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Fast and Furious 5: Rio Heist (Fast Five) Review (NV Life Magazine)

NV Life writes:
The Fast and Furious series is primarily based around the lead character of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his automotive compatriots stealing cars for a living. The first four films preceding this one boast casting and seemingly unrelated plots which were linked only by the films' titles and cameos from major stars such as Dominic, whose physical strength is dwarfed only by his thirst for speed. The cast from the first film returns for the fifth instalment, which picks up from where number four left off.

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alycakes4085d ago PC is having problems today and is very slow so I can't read the full story but I did see the movie. I don't really care that they did a #5 but since they did, I believe they did pretty good.

The story was at least a little different. They colored it up with all the characters or at least a lot of them from past Fast and Furious films which made it fun. Then they added some new characters like Dwayne Johnson (the Rock).

The action scenes were terrific and the fight with Vin and Rock was also nice to see but if it really happened in real life you gotta wonder who would really win. I also liked the way they ended it. Even if there is another movie that comes out of probably won't have the same cast. If anything, it will have the Rock, Eva Mendez, and Michelle Rodriquez......maybe, just maybe Vin.

lukasz4085d ago

seen every one from 1-4 and i want to see this one