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Something Borrowed Review (NV Life Magazine)

NV Life writes:
The scenario in Something Borrowed is nothing new. Cruel Intentions was a film that dealt with the consequences of betrayal in a manner reminiscent of a Shakespearian play. Despite the problems with Cruel Intentions, there was a bite and cruelty to oppose the sentimentality. Something Borrowed makes no attempt to bringing any moral argument to the table. It is merely a saccharine love fest with some of the most immensely irritating characters imaginable.

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Entertainment Focus - Review: Something Borrowed

Darcy (Kate Hudson – Bride Wars) and Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin – Ed) have been best friends their whole lives. Darcy is engaged to one of Rachel’s old college friends named Dex (Colin Egglesfield – Must Love Dogs), someone she had strong feelings for but never acted on. One drunken night Rachel mistakenly tells Dex that she had a crush on him and they kiss. To make matters worse they end up spending the night together. Can Rachel do the right thing and step away from the man she has been in love with for years or is her friendship to Darcy too important?

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TMP Reviews: Something Borrowed

TMP takes a look at the latest romantic comedy to hit theaters. While the premise is fairly interesting and the performances are on par with any other movie of this nature, it's lacking it's own presence and can't stand well amongst the crowd.

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Something Borrowed (2011) - Popzara Review

Mushy and implausible and predictable it gets, yet it’s charming, funny, and pleasant – a nice way to spend a night out with your date. Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

alycakes4586d ago

My husband and I only agree on one type of movie. He will go see Marvel and DC comic made movies with me and I go see the others on my own or with family and friends. The one thing we do agree on is romantic comedies....they are off our list completely unless they are just comedies like the one with Betty White "The Proposal".

I'm not a big fan of Kate Hudson anyway but I loved Goldie Hawn...I'm not even sure why. To me "Overboard" was just a comedy and I liked it. I've heard mixed reviews about this movie so to the ones that like it....enjoy!