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"White Out" Trailer Released

John Hanson finds himself in a small Scottish town, in the grip of an endless winter. White Out is a dark drama which charts the course of apocalypse through the personal stories of a group of bloggers.

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alycakes4660d ago

This looks interesting and so sad. I guess we can't say it could never happen......"never say never" I believe is the saying.

Sahil4659d ago

Awesome trailer.. looking forward to this!


2023 Emmy Awards: The Complete Winners List

The biggest night of the year dedicated to television, The Emmys, made it's long awaited return this month. Several popular shows enjoyed several nominations such as Succession, Better Call Saul and The Last of Us


Don't Miss Raindance Immersive's 2023 Selection

Don't miss Raindance Immersive's 2023 selection with the digital festival running until 3rd December in VRChat.

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About Dry Grasses Review

While we are the first to call to question why any movie needs to be three hours, “About Dry Grasses” makes the best use of its time through enviable conversations and how it deconstructs its lead.

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