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Shadowlocked - Game Of Thrones S1E7 Recap

Shadowlocked - Summary: After realizing that Jon Arryn was murdered for discovering Cersei and Jaime's twincest, Lord Ned decides to have a meeting with Cersei about it. You know, just to let her know that he knows...the same info that Arryn got murdered for knowing ... does anyone else see a problem here? Jon Snow takes his vows as Watcher. Khal Drogo has no interest in taking Dany to Westeros to take back the Iron Throne until one of King Robert's assassins comes forth; that soon changes the mind of Khal, killing his wife and unborn son and all. In fact, he seems a little peeved, although it's hard to tell under all that guy-liner. And King Robert himself gets gored by a boar, boar-gored; if this show wasn't so exciting I could make tons of boared-to-death jokes ... damn HBO's fast paced excellence.

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