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Skewed and Reviewed Movies of 2011-2015 Panel at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon

Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed and Reviewed looks at the movies that Hollywood has planned for us in the next few years and looks at the newly rumored new Star Wars films as well as several other films in various stages of development.

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Garethvk4093d ago

It was an awesome weekend but exhausting with two panels and two receptions. I look forward to next year and getting ready for our next convention but only after I can just be a journalist at E3, PAX, Comicon, Blizzcon, and D23.

alycakes4093d ago

Glad you enjoyed it. The smaller Comic Cons are tiring but not as tiring as the big one in San takes me a week to get over that one....but I love it. Wish I could go again this year but can't....we're already talking about maybe going again next year though.

Garethvk4092d ago

I plan to get in as much of San Diego as I can. I have E3 next Tuesday and it starts at 9 AM with the Nintendo conference then 12-6 in the big halls getting in as many meetings and card exchanges as I can.