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IGN: X-Men First Class Review

IGN: The X-Men films have become the Tim Burton Batman movies of the 21st century -- we remember them perhaps too fondly than we should. Sure, they had their moments, and they were a big part of the evolution of the superhero film that got us to where we are today. But if there's one thing that you take away from director Matthew Vaughn's excellent prequel/reboot X-Men: First Class, it's just how antiquated the first three films seem today.

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Nes_Daze4093d ago

Pretty good review, I'm planning on watching it this Friday.

darklordzor4093d ago

Yep, can't wait to see this movie. I have always been looking forward to it, but all of these good reviews are making me excited. So glad that it's not sucking.

Sahil4093d ago

haha.. true, me too excitedy :)

artsaber4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

By comparison, maybe you all will remember back to how crappy the 1st X-Men installment was. I am glad this film is getting great reviews.

darklordzor4092d ago

I never once thought the first movie was crappy. In fact, I still enjoy going back and watching it. It's an older style of comic book movie, but still pretty decent.

alycakes4093d ago

I can't wait either....I probably won't go until the middle of the week....never mind...forgot...everyone is going to be out of school by then so it won't matter when I go. Guess I'll be there on Friday when it opens.

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