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Interview With Mike Mills On Beginners - WGTC

Mike Mill’s melancholy study on love and loss, Beginners, premiered (U.S.) at the SXSW Film Festival back in March. While there, Mills sat down with We Got This Covered to talk about his film, which stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer and comes out in theaters on June 3.

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REVIEW: C'mon C'mon (Film Fest 919) - JumpCut Online

There are nearly countless films that have covered the trials and tribulations of parenthood, running the gamut from “being a parent is impossible” to “raising a child is the greatest gift of all.” Mike Mills’ latest effort, C’mon C’mon, treads this ground and comes away...

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Sean’s Top 10 Films of 2011

Sean of Trendy Gamers: 2011 has validated my continued passion for film with a slew of ambitious and riveting films. It’s never easy to place judgment on somebody else’s work, but as a fan of all genres, here are my top ten films of 2011.

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alycakes4521d ago

I want to see The Decendants, Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, and Drive and I've see Warrior and MI4 and Drive and don't really care to see the others....maybe 13 Assassins...maybe someday.

TrendyGamers4521d ago

No Jack and Jill though, tsk tsk.

aDDicteD4521d ago

hmmm,, haven't watched the descendants yet

TrendyGamers4520d ago

I haven't either but its getting so much acclaim that I just might have to.


New to Blu-ray November 15, 2011

Movies Hate You Too writes:

This is a pretty slow week for Blu-ray releases with only a few new releases with only one even close to semi-action oriented. There are however a few good catalog releases with one dating back all the way to 1927.

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