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"The Top 10 Films I Never Discuss" - TFTV

TFTV writes:
I love to talk about films. In fact, the majority of my conversations tend to steer towards the subject, intentionally or not.

This can, of course, cause problems. For example, discussing the ten-hour Holocaust documentary ‘Shoah’ does not make for good first-date conversation. It does not count as good advice to comfort a friend’s job loss with the comment that it reminds you of ‘a scene from The Apartment’. Also, it’s never a good idea to bring up ‘Singin in the Rain’ at a funeral.

There are many films I’ve loved and discussed to death. Too many to list, in fact. However, it occurred to me recently that there are films I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that have never come up in conversation. The reasons are either unclear or have been forgotten. It now seems the time to get these off my chest.

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Quagmire4087d ago

Its a contradiction. He says he never discusses it, yet he does so in the article, wtf?!