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WWE Needs To Maintain Interest Throughout The Entire Year

Back in the good old days, the WWE (then WWF) managed to have consistent TV ratings throughout the entire year. Of course some episodes may not have rated higher than others but they weren’t as inconsistent as they are now. Interest in the product was maintained throughout the entire calendar year for both RAW and Smackdown shows.

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alycakes4570d ago

I don't watch the WWE. I do have a couple of friends that do love to watch it. I like people that have come out of to do movies and other things like Steve Austin. He did a few episodes back on Nash Bridges a long time ago and that's when I remember seeing him once and liked him....didn't even know he had been a wrestler. He would have made a great actor if he'd gone and continued to school and improve his acting skills.

Sahil4570d ago

I miss the attitude era, the current generation of superstars are all mediocre, none of them makes me feel like watching raw or even samckdown, i just watch wrestlemania, that's it.. i used to watch it every week but after HBK retiring, WWE SUX!

JL4570d ago

lol You sound like my brother. Me and him used to watch it all the time. Then HBK retired and he didn't want to watch it anymore. Now it's just me.

Megaton4570d ago

I started watching some of the current stuff because of The Rock coming back, but that turned out to be the only stuff worth watching. WWE has severely declined over the years.

JL4570d ago

I actually still religiously watch RAW and Smackdown. I will agree it has declined. I think part of that has to do with complacency and part has to do with them trying to be this PG-rated show.

The second one isn't entirely they're fault in a sense. I understand them switching to the PG rating. After the whole Benoit stuff and whatnot, the media really started coming down hard on WWE. This forced them in a position where they kinda had to start saving face so to speak and give the impression that they are safe and they are "wholesome".

Where this hurts them, though, is that the business is built around violence and being edgy. Just can't compare to the magic of The Attitude Era when you're worrying about being family-friendly and all that mess.

There are still some very good superstars there. They're just far more restrained than people like Stone Cold or The Rock or Mick Foley or such were back in the day. Can't be offensive or too edgy on the mic, can't be too hardcore or risky in the ring, etc. These are the types of things that let past superstars really rise to superstardom and greatness. Most current superstars aren't given this option.

Like I said though, there are still some good ones there. CM Punk has to be my favorite. Bryan Danielson (I mean umm...Daniel Bryan), Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Sin Cara, etc. Even John Cena and Randy Orton are good at what they do. The problem is they're just all held back in some form and aren't allowed to really go out there and do their thing and be as "off the leash" as people were in the Attitude Era.

Another thing that holds them back is the fact that the product starts getting stale after a while. They like to keep the same guys at the top and not really work on building new superstars up. Rather, they have the mentality of "Let's just let Cena win the title 500 times and keep it most of the year" or things like that. No shake ups to cause excitement. Though, I will admit they have been remedying this a bit recently.

I think they could benefit from some new writers as well. Most of the people there now (at least the ones in charge of creative) are old school guys who are there because of the time they've put into the company for so long. That's all fine and well. But at the same time, these guys are old and they're not very adept at changing with the times. This is something that some new blood could help. A proverbial changing of the guards to shake things up.

For that reason, I think it could become really interesting when Vince finally steps down. This will put Triple H and Stephanie in charge and I could see some major shake-ups going on then.

CobraKai4563d ago

Remember when they had wrestling. I've watched a few episodes here and there and even watched that atrocious Wrestlemania... wrestling nowhere to be found. The "E" sucks. If only Impact Wrestling had more money and better management to keep up.


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