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Entertainment Focus - Review: The Dilemma

Nick (Kevin James – Hitch) and Ronny (Vince Vaughn – Swingers) have been best friends since college. They now work together in the automobile trade and are on the brink of securing a major contract with car giants Dodge. Ronny lives with his girlfriend Beth (Jennifer Connolly – Dark Water) and uses Nick’s marriage to Geneva (Winona Ryder – Black Swan) as a template for how he wants his relationship to eventually pan out. It comes as a crashing blow when he accidently spies Geneva cavorting around town with a man that isn’t her husband. With the truth burning a hole in his conscience, Ronny must figure out the best way to tell Nick his wife is cheating on him. But with his best friend under a lot of pressure at work and with Geneva threatening to sabotage Ronny’s relationship with Nick if he does tell on her, it’s a catch 22 situation with no easy fix.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34093d ago

I can't keep all these rom-coms straight! So there is this one, that one with Owen Wilson and the guy from SNL, and then that one with Adam Sandler...are any of them actually good?