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Entertainment Focus - Review: Just Go With It

Danny (Adam Sandler – Grown Ups) is a plastic surgeon who has been hurt in matters of the heart. When he was younger he found out his fiancée cheated on him so he has now grown up detached from forming a long-lasting adult relationship. He also found out that carrying a wedding ring and lying to prospective girlfriends about being in an abusive relationship was a sure-fire way into their underwear - so when he stumbles upon Palmer (Brooklyn Decker - Battleship) he has to pretend to have a wife. Enter his assistant at the surgery, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston – Marley & Me), a divorced mother of two and Danny’s close friend. She reluctantly agrees to be his fake soon-to-be ex wife so that Danny can seal the deal with Palmer but pretending to be a family with Katherine complicates the situation further.

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Sahil4088d ago

Really nice movie, i love jennifer aniston in it :)