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Arthur Makes His Way to DVD and Blu-ray

Warner Bros have announced that the Russell Brand starring Arthur will hit DVD and Blu-ray this July.

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BubbleSniper4089d ago

Damn. This guy looks like a skeleton. Also, I prefer the original Arthur with Dudley Moore. This guy is LOL tho.

Soldierone4089d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of the classic Willy Wanka haha

BubbleSniper4089d ago

Willy "Wanka" indeed! LOL!

JL4089d ago

I never found Dudley Moore to be funny. I don't know, he just didn't do it for me. Was almost irritating to me to a degree.

I do really like Russell Brand and find him pretty funny, though. However, this movie wasn't anything special. I enjoyed it, and it had its moments, but at the end of the day it's pretty forgettable. I think it's nice for a rental for those that find some appeal to it.

alycakes4089d ago

I actually enjoyed this...he was funny and Helen Mirren was very good in this. It was better than I expected. Of course no one can ever replace Dudley Moore...he played a great drunk but I did enjoy the movie.

Sahil4088d ago

Boring movie.. he's a good actor but not for this :(