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Yogi Bear is Set to Return to the Big Screen

Last year saw the zany picnic basket-stealing Yogi Bear make his first appearance in theaters since 1964. The movie proved to be a financial success raking in $100 million at the domestic box office alone. Of course, critically it wasn’t as successful. In fact, it was ripped apart really. However, in Hollywood, it’s evident that money speaks louder and that the studio behind the project were more than happy with the revenue Yogi Bear brought in. As a result, they’re set to bring a sequel to theaters.

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-MD-4089d ago

This made 100 million? Good god people have terrible taste in movies.

Soldierone4089d ago

Yeah you should hear the conversations i have heard the past few weeks after movies. People are "reviewing" movies out loud and let me just glad none of them are major review people....

JL4089d ago

I've heard conversations like that too when leaving a movie. Sometimes it can be flat out hilarious. They'll be talking like they actually know what they're talking about, but clearly they don't.

And the surprising thing about Yogi Bear isn't necessarily the amount it made, but more so the legs it had. It only made like $15 million opening weekend I think it was. You'd figure after that opening weekend, all those reviews and word of mouth about how horrible it was would deter people from going to see it (those that hadn't already). Instead, the movie had some seemingly long legs and went on to do fairly well weeks after release.

Soldierone4089d ago

I think my favorite lately was for Thor "The writing wasn't anywhere near as good as Ironman 2. I mean there were so many flaws and it wasn't as epic. At least it was way better than Spiderman, those movies suck." I seriously started busting up laughing. Then my GF turns and goes "people behind us are hating on your favorite" and I just reply really loudly "Yeah but they liked Ironman, shows how stupid they are" :P

As for Yogi I think alot of his sales are also coming from kid related events. They had a school based thing in my area a while ago for it, nothing but kids seeing it. They also have it scheduled for summer kids fun here in a couple weeks too.

newn4gguy4088d ago

In his defense, Thor did suck balls. ;) The writing wasn't just bad. It was a massacre of the English language!

Iron Man 2 is fast and intelligent throughout. I don't understand the gripes with it.

Spider-man 1 & 2 are great though.

I had a guy say Hellboy 2 sucked. I've never killed...but it was definitely in my thoughts.

JL4088d ago

Both Hellboy movies are awesome. In fact, I was just thinking about sitting down watching Hellboy right now. They both have to be up there with some of my favorite comic book movies ever.

Soldierone4088d ago

I liked the first Hellboy. The second was pretty good comic book film, it didn't really attempt to be all Hollywood on us.

Also when referring to "my favorite" I was talking about Spider-man not Thor lol. But Thor was WAY better than Ironman, I honestly couldn't stand the second Ironman. First one was decent though.

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Armadilo4089d ago

I remember hearing about this and it disappeared after a while

tunaks14089d ago

really?? Did anyone enjoy this movie...

alycakes4088d ago

Never saw it myself...never liked Yogi Bear when I was little so why would I like him now? His voice used to bother me when I was little...I wonder why?

Sahil4088d ago

haha.. his voice used to bother you.. that's weird O_o

alycakes4088d ago

You think that's weird....I didn't like Mr. Rogers either. There were just certain shows and people I just couldn't watch....they were creepy to me.

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