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Legal Battles Complicate The Future Of Superman


When Zack Snyder's Man of Steel comes out next year, it will represent the second time that Warner Bros. has tried to bring back the most famous comic book character in history. When Bryan Singer directed Superman Returns in 2006 it was meant to spring new life into the franchise that had died when Superman IV: The Quest For Peace came out in 1987. Unfortunately the film was rejected by fans and the studio decided to start again with a new origin story. But what if Snyder's version fails? They can just start again, right? Apparently it's not that simple.

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Crazay4096d ago

What an ugly situation this could turn into. I wouldn't want to see Superman in a different costume or with different abilities. In my opinion, this would destroy Superman should it all come down to that.

alycakes4096d ago

It would...and I don't see how they could get away with that anyway. It just seems totally unheard of to change a character that much. Especially one that's been around as long as Superman. We have all known him and his weaknesses and strengths and a just about everything else about him....I just can't see it happening...especially the costume...that would be utterly dumb.

outwar60104095d ago

i would like to see superman 3000 with a black costume and a silver S with a darker and more sadistic personality84

mindedone4095d ago

What I forsee happening is the rights to Superman's likeness being licensed, as what money could the original creators make off of Superman otherwise.

alycakes4095d ago

It seems to always come down to money these least most of the time anyway.

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