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Confirmed: David O. Russell's 'Uncharted' Script Will Not Be Used

From TMP:

Sony Pictures has confirmed that they are moving forward on Uncharted and are currently looking for a new Writer/Director to work from an earlier draft of the script. Meaning: All of that family plot stuff (you know, which wasn't anywhere in the game) is gone.

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Crazay4096d ago

The movie is sounding better and better every day!

NCAzrael4096d ago

Hopefully this means there's still a chance for Nathan Fillian to be cast as Nathan Drake.

Crazay4096d ago

Maybe but I'm inclined to NOT see him in this movie. There has to be someone else better for the part.

JL4096d ago

Thank you, Crazay. I don't really care to see him in this part either.

VenomCarnage894095d ago

I would love them to cast James Roday honestly, such a perfect fit

maddfoxx4095d ago

Why does everyone want to see Nathan Fillian as Drake? This idea is overrated.

Sahil4095d ago

Noo.. not him for sure, maybe Will Ferrell

f7897904095d ago

Oh god, now I'm reliving the Uncharted storyline with Will Ferrel as Nathan Drake. Kind of wish I could see a few minutes of that.

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alycakes4096d ago

That would be the best of the best for this one if he did it. I love Nathan....he just gets better every time he does something new.

darklordzor4096d ago

Glad to hear this film is back on track. Sucks it'll be pushed back, but for a better, and truer to source film...I'll deal with it.

I still think Fillion is perfect for Nate Drake. Hell, just look at the developer interviews from the first game. They specifically said, they based the character of Drake off of Nathan Fillion from Firefly. How could anyone be better than the person the character's based on?

JL4096d ago

I'm still not sure who I want to play Drake (it's not Fillion, though). As for director, though, I'm throwing my vote in once again for Robert Zemeckis.

You can read a more detailed answer on my thoughts over in the original submission (along with who I think should write the new script)

Basically, though, he's a good director. And his Romancing the Stone is almost an even more perfect template for Uncharted than even Indiana Jones.

MrAgreeman4096d ago

Stop with this Fillion sutff.

If you;ve played the games then you know the only guy who can play Nathan Drake is Nolan North, along with the other voice actors who play their roles. If they need star power then they can get the villians Roman and Navarro to be played by big stars. I think everyone needs to stop being Fillion fanboys and stop being sheep following what the last person has said and fight for the right person to star in this film. Nolan is right for this, Sony should take a chance and let him star in the film. If Fillion was going to be in this I would be watching Mal not Nathan Drake.

JL4096d ago

Eh. I like Nolan North, but I don't think it would be good picking him to play this part. Has nothing to do with "star power" either. He's kinda old, not really sure he would actually be up for handling the action parts of the movie and overall just isn't good for it. If we could rewind time about 10-15 years, then it could fly maybe, but he's too over the hill to play a live action Drake at this point. Not to mention he has no real on-screen experience. So it could wind up awkward.

I'm all for Emily Rose playing Elena, though. I wouldn't hate seeing Richard playing Sully, but I think JK Simmons would be a much better fit for on-screen purposes.

By the way, my saying North shouldn't do it does not mean I think Fillion should be cast. I'm against that idea as well. Hell, if I had to choose between those two, it would definitely be North. But I don't think either are really right for the part.

darklordzor4095d ago

OH man, JK Simmons for Sully would be freaking sweet. Great choice!

MrAgreeman4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Course it has something to do with Star power. Nolan North even said himself, he wants to do it but because of star power Sony probably won't choose him, he even suggested Hugh Jackman at the time to play Drake.

I think gamers wouldn't care how old Nolan North is, it's Hollywood they can make people look differen't to suit the part. Look at what they can do to Sarah Jessica Parker...yeah they can even make her look a LITTLE appealing. Gamers wouldn't care because all we want is a video game film that won't suck, if Nolan was casted and it was amazing would you still be saying at the end of the film "Oh man that was amazing but I hate how Nolan is too old"...chances are probably not.

I wouldn't want Emily Rose or Richard to be in it without Nolan North. To him that would be pretty harsh, seeing his friends in an Uncharted film and him being the lead role is cast out for someone else (with the way people are going on maybe even for Fillion ¬¬ )

So yeah at the end of the day it's about if it will make the film amazing and to be honest I think if Nolan lands the part of Drake and Emily and Richard join him as Elena and Sully then yeah it will.

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