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Top DVD/Blu-ray Sales and Rentals for the Week Ending May 22, 2011

Of the three new releases, all three made it into the Top 5 in last week’s sales. Jason Statham managed to unseat Bieber as The Mechanic takes top spot as the best-selling DVD for the week ending May 22, 2011. Bieber doesn’t fall far, though, as Never Say Never lands in second place. The Roommate took third place and The Rite brought up the tail end for the top five. The romantic comedy No Strings Attached took fourth place to round out the top 5.

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alycakes4090d ago

This doesn't surprise me. I'm always up for a good action flick before anything else. I don't even buy romantic comedies unless they're for gifts.

jai4090d ago

ya there is nothing to be surprised..action flick tops the list every time..but i am wondering whether Mechanic deserve me its a average action flick ..

JL4090d ago

I thought it was pretty decent. But yea just an average action flick. Wasn't bad though.

On that point, it's always the average ones that dominate charts most often. These are the type that have a real mass appeal for some reason.

I will say, though. It is a bit surprising. Being as it wasn't anything special, I'm half surprised that it managed to dethrone Justin Bieber. I could've absolutely seen 'Never Say Never' being the #1 for the second week in a row. Just because of this mass craze surrounding him (which I don't understand for the life of me).

Sahil4088d ago

The green hornet on number 3 in top rentals.. DISGRACE!

alycakes4086d ago

I really liked the Green Hornet. It wasn't the best movie ever but it was fun to watch.